5 Secrets to Succeeding as an Influencer in 2023 


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Still struggling to grow & get paid as a new Influencer in 2023? 😰

 You’re not alone!  Instagram has completely changed the game in the last 2 years..

🎬 They went from our most beloved photo app to focusing most of its efforts on video.

📱 We've seen the rise of phone content over professional camera content.

🙅🏻‍♀️ And people no longer want perfectly curated content and want to see more authentic, in-the-moment captures


So if you...

😭 have been curious about the influencer life, but never had the courage to pursue it

🤔 know you are creative and can create good content but you just don’t know where to start

😣 have been posting on Instagram for a while but can’t keep up with the changes

😩 are a nano or micro-influencer but you can't seem to get paid deals

Then you need to come to this free training!

Here’s a peak at what we’ll cover…

✅ How to grow WITHOUT a niche (WHAT?! yes, it's possible!)
✅ How to achieve viral growth on Instagram (and, no, it's NOT just being consistent)
✅ How to create money-making content
✅ How to land HIGH PAYING brand deals


Hey, I'm Tina!

In 2016, I had just a few of my friends and family as followers as I set out to pursue content creation full-time. I have since quit my 9-5, grown my personal brand into a 7-figure business and gained 900k+ followers across multiple accounts. 

I’ve also helped thousands of aspiring influencers take their hobby & turn it into a fulfilling career as a content creator. If we can do it - so can you! 🚀 


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